[NEW MUSIC] Too Good by Rayana Jay

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So I think I lied in the title of this piece because this track has been in rotation but it’s still new to me.¬†Pandora has really been putting me on game to new artists, new sounds, and new music.

Rayana Jay has the type of voice that you don’t really need to sing with. In my mind, when she records all she needs to do is speak to a melody and throw a little bit of vocals in there. Her music isn’t vocally overwhelming like Mariah Carey’s to where you have to be in a certain mood to listen to it.

Rayana included the right mix of ¬†“You ain’t s***” tracks and “I can’t get my mind off you” tracks. My favorite has to be “Too Good”. It has the right flow and beat, and the lyrics speak a narrative that every girl in their life has had to tell at least once.

“2:30” is also a hit. Talking about how a guy only calls around that time and we all known them is booty call hours.

After discovering Rayana Jay so far after this release I’m so excited to hear the entire new release “Morning After” that should be on your streaming platform right now!



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