[NEW MUSIC] Vitamin D By Ludacris Ft. Ty Dolla $ign

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I looked at the title and prayed that it wasn’t about what it actually suggests. But then Luda said “I mean there’s a lot of women out here that’s just, you know They just deficient in so many things, man.” The song is lyrically bearable but nothing that I’d want to listen to on a daily, so we can move onto its musicality – “the quality of having a pleasant sound”

So the track samples “Thong Song” by Sisqo, and I didn’t notice it until Ty Dolla Sign stopped singing at the end of the song. Content wise, it was a smart sample, and Luda didn’t disrespect Sisqo by  sampling, so that’s a good note.

Also, I enjoy listening to Ludacris’ music because of the way he raps. His instrumentals go perfectly with the lyrics of the song, and how he changes his flow up during the verse.

For those who don’t know, Da Internz produced this track and they have also produced songs for Luda before like “Good Lovin”, and they made “FANETO”. With that being said, their  production is off the charts, so listen to Vitamin D, if not for content, for musicality.


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