[NEW MUSIC] “Who Run It” by G Herbo

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Y’all I am shoooook!

I’ve seen his freestyle going around for the past two days or so, but I never thought he would’ve dropped something like this. Like, my nonexistent wig has once again been snatched. Y’all know I’m a sucker for a sample, so with this being a fresstyle he was able to sample Three 6 Mafia’s “Who Run It“, and I was really feeling the flow.

He added his own flavor, he didn’t try to go toe to toe with Three 6 Mafia, he did his own thing so snaps to him. Moving on, his flow changed up throughout which gave multiple lives. His lyrics made me have multiple ‘wow he just said that moments’. I don’t know if me living in the same hood he is from contributes to my love and support for him but this is really my boy g. In the end he says “No Limit” run it, and I completely agree!

Favorite Line: {They right behind, I’m serious (serious), And I’m straight off the 9, Now I’m serious/ Who you gon’ send to fuck with me?, Take stuff from me or from any of mine? Now I’m curious (I’m curious)}


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