NEW MUSIC: ” Why You Always Hatin’ “- YG ft Drake & Kamaiya

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Y’All When I first turned this song on, the first thing that came to mind is “This songs like California.” Which is fitting because YG is straight outta Compton. This song is like a all night Cali party in the summer blasting. Like this go hard!!! As soon as you hear it, you gonna hit that “Ayeeeeee” and rock, and then when the DJ Mustard beat drops, you gotta get up and move.

This song is definitely making it to a playlist. I also really  like how this song is universal, even though it is a party song, you could also be listening to this in your headphones and get the same vibe.

This is definitely a get excited for summer song. A song for when you’re too cool for any hateration.

“Why You Always Hatin'” will definitely have you feeling like you and your friends about to walk into the party and turn heads.

Most importantly, this song did not fall into the trap of allowing a Drake feature to overshadow the main artist. That is hard to do.

I have always liked YG, but he’s sometimes forgettable, if you forgot about him, listen to this…He’s lit.


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