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Alright, I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I’m back with a few hits! Starting with the remix to Wishing by DJ Drama.

The original version of the song was on an everyday replay list for me. And then when the remix came out I got hella excited. FAB! Trigga Trey! Jhene! Aaannnd Tory Lanez! Plus of course you know Breezy wasn’t going nowhere from the original. This collab is honestly peculiar yet it worked and each verse from each artist proves why:

First off, Fabolous dropped Summertime Shootout 2, which is in a whole ‘nother league to be honest! Recently Fab has been getting attention because he just might be the best dressed of almost everyone that ever dropped a verse. Time and time again Fabolous proves that he honestly has the best flow. But in this song Fab going first reminds us that even though this song sounds extra R&B like, it’s still Hip Hop. With Trey and Tory serenading us, the listener really gets a good ‘thug love’ angle from the song with Fab, so thank you sir!

So from what we already know about Trigga, I went in listening with Holy Water on the low. What Trey delivered to the track was pure sex. I wasn’t surprised, but I was entertained which I can thank him for.

Jhene’s verse was quite short, which bothers me. But the way that she structured her words and how she delivered was phenomenal. She knew exactly what to sing, and exactly what was okay to simply let flow. In my mind she was responding to what Trey Songz was saying, which was a lot! And for Jhene to be the only female on the track, she delivered like Nicki!

Tory did a good job I would say. But what I feel like Tory is failing at right now is the fact that he cannot top Say It. And until he can, each and every R&B like track that he creates won’t even compare. His verse is great. But it’s something about it that just doesn’t allow me to enjoy it like I enjoy everyone else’s. It’s kinda like he’s just there.

Moving past it all, I’m excited about the practice of producer/DJs like Khaled and Drama putting these collabs together, and I’m ready for more!

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