[NEW Release] Black Panther The ALBUM

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Okay before we get into this, no I have not seen the movie. Don’t judge me. I’m a busy high-school senior.

I would go track by track but that wouldn’t do this justice and that’s what I appreciate the most about the project.

This is truly an amazing opportunity for everyone involved and I am stunned at how much artistic and transformative work can be put into just 14 (technically 13) tracks. TDE really came through.

The first song I heard from the album was Kings Dead, and honestly for a lot of people it was really hit or miss. Either this was your shit or it wasn’t, no in between. I loved it of course because I haven’t heard Jay Rock rap in so long. Plus the beat went hard, crazy, allat. Annnddd Future said what I’ve been trying to get these ‘colonizers’ to realize for the longest; “You not a gang member, you a tourist”.

So then I waited and waited for the next single, and when it came, I decided I’d wait to listen to anymore tracks until the entire album came out. Once it did, I barricaded myself for about 3 hours trying to soak all of the greatness in. Every track has a different personality than the next, a different subject, a different delivery, a different flow. It’s a versatile and more than worth while collab to listen to.

My top 3 favorites from the album are: “Kings Dead”, “All The Stars”, and “Paramedic!” in no particular order. Also, if you’re going to listen to these tracks, I advise you to listen to tracks by each artist as well to be able to fully appreciate it, because I was not feeling “Paramedic!” as much, until I listened to “Calvin Cambridge” by SOB X RBE.

But yes, proceed to listen and appreciate.


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