[NEW VISUAL] Everything by GHerbo ft. Lil Uzi Vert and Chance The Rapper

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So I will say this is defenitely not what I expected nor what I wanted from the Everything visual. I needed ‘Imma Boss’ Rick Ross and Meek Mill vibes honestly. I wanted to see Rovers, Maserati’s, Porsche’s, Hell Cat’s allat on 79th and Essex. I wanted dirt bikes, girls half naked and the works. Bottles of Ciroc, Dusse, and Henny just being wasted, money everywhere.

But what I got was better. 

Of course I expected and wanted a hood ass Chicago visual. But one upped me. He gave us the trenches with the setting, the carelessness with the burned mannequins (that I didn’t quite understand the point of), the style and luxury with everybody’s fits, and the raunchiness with the stripper girls that had their cameos. And that 79th and Essex part was really done with class. He had real homies that be out on 79th and Essex cameo in the video. Literally I think my neighbor was the person handling the money with him, and I felt like that was real as ever, it gave me a sense of familiarity. Like Herb may not live over there no more but that’s still his family.

Visually it was appealing, and it was a clear lining between street and luxury, showing that he really did upgrade and I love it. I really hope he makes a visual for “Street” just because that’s my favorite track, so I’ll be back if I see something y’all.

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