[NEW VISUAL] Nice For What By Drake

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I have stopped expecting much from Drake this year since his features haven’t made me go that crazy. But this track here… This track right here y’all? Bro. First of all, let’s just get into its production and the creation of my summer anthem “Nice For What”!

This is one song that I can say is extremely complex in its production. For one, additional vocals are included from Big Freedia (GET THAT COIN QUEEN), which goes perfectly with Drake’s snatch of bounce culture on this track. It’s intriguing how he created a song about empowering females with a genre that women use to get loose, and most times are ridiculed for doing so. The main two producers of the track are Murda Beatz and Allen Ritter, but that doesn’t count the producers who may also be credited since there is a double layer of sampling.

What I mean by that it, we have a sample from Lauryn Hill’s Ex-Factor, which sampled beats from a track created by the Wu-Tang Clan. Which just means that this song generates a lot of coin for a lot of people. So thanks Drake! The sound it itself makes me want to pipe up. Like I bet my last dollar that even the bougiest girl in the office is going to bump this on her into the parking garage a few days out of this up and coming summer.

After the drop of Cardi B’s album, everyone was waiting for someone to come out with a summer track for guys, but then we got this and it gave us girls more of a confirmation to live our best lives with or without a man. The entire video has cameos throughout of our favorite women in the digital age. I can’t pick my favorite between Zoe, Issa Rae, Yara Sahidi, or Tiffany Haddish. All of the women look beautiful and the visual includes extremely flattering moments for each and every woman involved.

I am proud of Drake, and definitely considering this as my prom theme song!

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