No Gelo? Why The Lakers Made A Big Mistake

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They are sleeping on Gelo.

There is no doubt that I’m a huuuuge fan of basketball. I’m always locked in, especially when the Ball brothers are playing. They’re great basketball players, one can rap, they’re all good looking, and they’re about their coinssss.  What can’t they do?

I just can’t stand the fact that the Lakers have made a major mistake with not drafting the middle brother, LiAngelo Ball. I must admit, it was so heartbreaking to watch the 2018 NBA Draft, only to see every Ball Family fan’s dream to go down the drain. I really would’ve enjoyed watching Lonzo and LiAngelo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Kyle Kuzma putting the Los Angeles Lakers back on the map. There were two rounds with thirty picks each, and not one team picked LiAngelo Ball. Could it be the fact that he made a bad judgement call with some other UCLA teammates in China? Or, is it because everyone holds a personal grudge against his dad Lavar because he just wants what’s best for his sons?

The media (the Ball family’s biggest fans) recently had a field day with Gelo being the only prospect to not get drafted. Recently, a video surfaced on the Internet showing the 19-year-old basketball player’s “poor” pre-workout, which somehow explains why he wasn’t drafted. I guess I didn’t see what everyone else saw. I just saw an athlete that just had an “off day.” Even NBA players that have been playing the game for quite a while  have their off days. Do I need to refer to JR Smith? Didn’t King James have his moments when he got swept in the 2018 NBA Finals? I’ll wait.

Ever since the Ball Brothers have gotten the media’s attention, I’ve been paying close attention to the next big basketball stars as well. I can say that watching Gelo go from playing at Chino Hills High School to playing overseas in Lithuania, he has improved big time! Of the Ball Brothers LiAngelo is known as the best shooter. Did I mention that between the three brothers, he plays the most aggressive and CONSISTENT defense? By no means do I want to put a brother down while building one up, but let’s be honest. Have you ever watched any Lakers game where Lonzo plays good defense in his average of 34 minutes per game?

It’s clear that the Lakers made a huge mistake with not drafting LiAngelo Ball, but I guess you’re probably thinking that I’m saying this because I’m such a huge fan, but there are valid reasons why LiAngelo should’ve been drafted. Shall I refresh your memory when LiAngelo dropped 72 points while playing for Prienu Vytautas? He brings so much to the table and the Lakers were just too blind to see. His ball handling skills may not be as good as Colin Sexton and he might not be as tall as Deandre Ayton, (The man isn’t a center for crying out loud.) but the Lakers should’ve made room for this small forward. It sucks to see a franchise that wants to build their team, but give up on an athlete that has so much potential. He could’ve helped put the Lakers back on track. Somebody will wake up and see what talents Gelo brings to the table. Who knows, it just might be the Chicago Bulls.


By Jada Daniel, Senior, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep

Twitter: @tgijadaaa

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