Nobody Asked For A Remake

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Change is inevitable and people do grow up. The older we get the reality that we only have the memories of our favorite childhood shows can be difficult to process. Unfortunately, powerful media outlets with the money to reboot these shows know about this reality too. Instead of letting cartoons and childhood shows stay as sentimental memories that we take throughout our lives they try to revamp them. Recently, it was announced Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures are going to be rebooting “Rugrats.” It will be returning to Nickelodeon as a cartoon and it will be hitting theaters as a live action film. Yup… a live action film with adults playing toddlers.

Is “Rugrats” still talked about to this day? Yes, people love the cartoon. We even talk the spin-off when they all grew up and the trip they took to Paris. That’s far from the point, the point is we love what the cartoon was. The cartoon doesn’t need a revamping because it was good the way it was originally created.

Let’s discuss how it’s easier to take songs that were once loved and reboot them for younger generations as opposed to trying to come up with new ideas that will entertain them. Rugrats is not the only show companies have tried to bring back. “Blue’s Clues,” “The Magic School Bus,” “The Wild Thornberrys,” and “Hey, Arnold” reboots have reportedly been in development and there hasn’t been much news about the changes these cartoons were going to make. I say this because the original ideas of these shows were great and they kept us entertained for years, but my generation is no longer the intended audience which means drastic changes have to be made. Instead of keeping the original title for marketing purposes and tweaking the sentimental value, I have a suggestion, let the old shows stay the way they are and create new ideas for NEW shows.


By Triniti Maye, Freshman, Saint Xavier University

Instagram: t.rinit.i

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