Obama Summit Closes With Star-studded Concert

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Over 2,000 people sat in the crowd at the Wintrust Arena in the downtown area of Chicago, anticipating the closing concert to the first Obama Foundation Summit. I was fortunate to be one of the first 500 to sit three rows away from the stage. The evening started promptly at 9:00 pm with a performance of “Rise Up” by the one and only Andra Day. Afterwards, there was not one quiet person in the arena, as Chicago’s very own, Chance the Rapper was introduced to the stage followed by the 44th First Lady and President of the United States, Michelle and Barack Obama.

Chance The Rapper, being the music curator for this spectacular event, made sure there was music for everyone. The night was star-studded with performances from Gloria Estefan, Aziz Ansari, Brandi Carlile and more. One standout act was hip-hop icon Nas. He performed his popular hits “One Mic,” “If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)” and his inspiring song “The World is Yours.”

Chance The Rapper took the stage showing love to the city that shaped him to be the humble, yet famous entertainer that he is today. To make the night even more special, “Lil Chano” performed songs that he typically wouldn’t do such as “Summer Friends,” “Blessings,” and “May I Have This Dance” featuring Francis and the Lights. Ending the night, Chance performed one of his most popular hits, “No Problem” with fireworks and a vibe in the whole arena that could not be contained.

Although music played a big role in the event, it wasn’t the only significant thing. The summit was actually about civic duties and community. While waiting in line, I met a community activist and child psychologist, Abbre McClain, who attended day two of the summit. She spoke highly of the international event. “This is such a great event! It’s really nice for everyday people to engage in something so…global,” she said. “Despite age and where you live, it inspires everyone to be involved.”

Before the night was over, the former President left an everlasting impression on everyone in that arena.  “This is the city that taught me I could have an impact,” he said. With any luck, this summit is just the beginning of the positive impact that Obama wants the younger generation to leave on the world.

By Jada Daniel, Junior, Brooks High School

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