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Tyra Banks asked him why he wasn’t a model and Trina even used him as a video vixen in her ‘Ain’t Me ‘music video featuring K. Michelle. Aesthetically, he is more than appealing–covered in tattoos, nice teeth, tall, slick attitude and grungy like us city girls tend to prefer our men. Dave East hit the scene immediately creating a lustful fan base of women, and one of relation with men. His distinctive flow of telling Harlem, New York’s stories from his point of view made it very easy to follow his career. East being attached and cosigned by rap legend Nas was just the icing on his very fine cake. He has consistently been called Chris Brown’s twin and we all love looking at the both of them. As he flourished in the public eye, we (women) started to love his quick wit and those slanted eyes even more. Upon his daughter Kairi Chanel being born, East could do no wrong.

But that limelight was short lived when he began to bring attention to himself by disrespecting and arguing back and forth with women, including his only child’s mother, Lulu, via social media. He has had several spats with women not being a fan of him growing his hair out, and him not making versatile music. East seems to have taken it very personal leading to retaliation. Calling a fan an “Ogre face *****…” when she commented, “I wish you made a song I actually would like.” Which as a fan, she is totally within her rights to express. She didn’t disrespect him or even say that his music was not satisfactory. She just requested something that fans request, music for their ears. As artist, the fans are how you get paid. Mr. East has yet to grasp that concept. He continued that “It’s always the ogre face ******* that follow me and got something slicc to say. I dont make music for you don’t listen.” That comment along with many other has turned his female fan base completely away from him. I was able to gather several tweets from women and even men that were no longer interested in Dave East and his antics. The few that really stood out to me are from @ChefKashi and Tawaine Hall @T_Hallthe1st.

His fan base seems to be dwindling before it really get the chance to bloom. He for sure has the talent, and he delivers on any track he touches. But if he wants to make it Nas status, he’s really going to have to not be so mean to his female fans. Statistic show that women spend money. Women buy albums, merchandise and concert tickets. It’s very clear that he has so many followers aside from those in the industry because he is handsome. A true artist understands their target audience. His PR team needs to tighten up!

What are your thoughts on Dave East and his recent behavior?

With Love,
Storie Stone

The Storie Will Be Televised

B R I L L I A N T. Successful Project Product. Proud Black Sheep and all around Thoroughbred. 26. Planted in Chicago,IL | Blossomed in Atlanta, GA

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