Pandora Chronicles With Ella Mai

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When I’m in need of some fresh and new RnB with an occasional Mary J track I always know I can turn to Pandora.

The funny thing about it is Pandora always plays the right songs that have all the right lyrics. It’s now getting to a point where they have a premium subscription (which I am milking before my trial ends), and I am starting to believe that they are either somehow able to read my messages or detect my mood. No matter what station, playlist, or song I start with, I always end up at a track that touches my heart.

For the past week or so I have been using Pandora quite a bit, which lead to my discovery of a lot of new music, particularly from Ella Mai.

Ella is a RnB songstress that was discovered by DJ Mustard. That was personally hard to believe because DJ Mustard is definitely not who I think of when I hear my favorite tracks of Ella’s like “Boo’d Up”, “Down”, or “10,000 Hours”.

Other artists who I’ve discovered and love are among this list. I have started to recognize Pandora as the app for a breath of fresh air when you get tired of the radio or what you listen to everyday. But if you are into contemporary RnB, then definitely look into my quick Ella Mai playlist.

* If You Let Me by Sinead Harnett
* I Won’t by H.E.R.
* Hold Me by Janine
* Confidently Lost by Sabrina Claudio
* My Way by Ella Mai
* Say It Again by H.E.R.
* While We’re Young by Jhene Aiko
* Touch Me by Mila J
* Distraction by Kehlani
* Losin Control by Russ

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