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UWMRushing around Atlanta to get my sister to the airport so that she doesn’t miss her flight to Chicago, it dawns on me that she’s leaving me. Not only because her trip is over, but actually because she starts her first semester as a college student in a about a week. We’re 8 years apart and the last moment I ever thought I’d be seeing so soon was her preparing to go away to school. I flew to Chicago in a haste to make sure I seen her walk across the stage at Gwendolyn Brooks Prepatory High School. She would’ve never forgiven me had I missed it, but knowing that my going to college away from home and actually graduating with flying colors gave her the ambition to do the same, made me so proud of everything I endured. But she did things much more diffent than I did and with alot more precision if I do say so myself.

For weeks we deliberated about which school she would actually attend, and when she came back with Milwaukee, I was absolutely not expecting it. But leave it to her to be a class act. “I didn’t want to be too far away from Mommy”, spoken like a true middle child. I, on the other hand applied for school in the Virgin Islands. Again, vast differences, same results. Through her high school years, when other girls were fond of frivolous things like boys and money. Destiny Brady, 18, had taken a liking to the larger scale of life, and buildings. Like the Windy City Maven she is, architecture became her love early on. She did the research and found herself close to home, not deep in debt and perfectly structed at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, a predominately white institution. Inquiring minds wanted to know why she decided to go to the other side of education to pursue her dreams. Here’s what she had to say.

Why a PWI (Predominantely White Institution) over a HBCU (Historically Black College and University) as a black female freshman?

“I believe that HBCU life is easier than the latter,however I didnt want the comfort. I wasnt interested in the experience,I didnt want to get comfy, only to get out in my field and be super uncomfortable because of lack of diversity. I wanted to stick out as an individual and make sure that my image of having high standards (which she so candidly pronounced stanDARDS) remains. Mentally it helps me to continue to stay ahead of the crowd. Also, this PWI offered great education at a very affordable price, University of Milwaukee.”

Why such a male dominated field of study?

“I didn’t choose it bc of the people that were in it. But because of the opportunities, the craft, playing God within a society. Building a YMCA, or an old folks home gives you the comfort of helping better lives. You know that when you build that “Y” that it will keep children off the streets and that retirement home will bring peace of mind to alot of people.” That’s where my love for it came from. Never paid attention to the fact that it was male dominated until internship with Chicago Architecture Foundation with Student Gang Architecture Firm. Later reality set in that me being female would make me not one but two big minorities in my lifes choice. Architecture is a predominately white male field.” Amanda Williams, black female architect is who she uses as example of strength and difference. “I always go by this same quote from Momma “Always do your best for you”. I could hear her smile on the other end of the line as she spoke so highly of our mother.
“I’m used to doing things by the book so now I’m able to implement my own curves,I’m not shying away from any of the harder things that may come about. I can look in the mirror and know that I made the right choices to get here so I deserve this”

As a college graduate myself, that she has seen live life and struggle post commencemnent I thought years into her talented and brightly lit future and reality came to mind. “Just piggy backing off the previous answer of when you finish school and look in the mirror your happy your decisions to go this route. At this point in life, do you feel like you’ll be ok if things do go as planned career wise?”

“The cookie cutter answer would be “Yes, roll with the punches”, the real answer is things arent going to go my way. My God is the orchestrator of my life. But if this road doesnt end in architecture, Ill be devestated. But you just have to move on eventually. Those who speak to me will believe I’m ok because they only see the outside. But that wont be true, just because Ive seen the impact that architecture has on the world. If not architecture, then I dont know.” She answered in solemn and I know that then that those thoughts never even crossed her starry eyes. She left us with three tips to incoming freshmen and minorities like herself.

1. Have faith in chosen path- beleive in your own choices. Always know that you have your own best interest at heart

2. People beleive that its harder for you as a minority as is, dont allow the stereotype. They’ll try it.

3.People think its easy to be distracted, but its actually easier to give up on yourself. Prove yourself wrong. Dont allow all of the steam to leave your ambitions, that pressure is necessary to reach the goal.

Destiny will start class September 8th as a college student at University Wisconsin Milwaukee as an Architecture and Urban Design major.


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Congrats Sissy and the rest of class 2021!

With Love,

Storie Stone

The Storie Will Be Televised

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