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IMG_0672Let’s talk about the side effects of Lawrence dating behavior from Issa Rae’s Insecure on HBO. As I’ve continuously watched this show I’ve grown to love the messages I get from it every Sunday at 10:55 p.m Insecure brings everyone together for a strong 30 minutes and show us just how awkward adult life really is. From relationships to prejudice and open marriages, these are just the tip of the iceberg. The main male character on the show is Lawrence, played by Jay Ellis formerly known as Blu from BET’s The Game. Just a small recap of how we got to this point so that no ones confused. On the tv show, Issa Dee, played by Issa Rae, had stood by Lawrence side for 5 long years in a relationship that caused them both some real heartaches and headaches.

There’s a scene where Lawrence & his new chick didn’t get their story right before coming to work. That is a direct message that his focus is on way too many things. Men know that workplace romance has to at least look platonic. He’s trying to cover it up & she’s all, “yea we kicked it.”There was never a relationship established and then the “we have business” questions arise further showing that there’s no companionship, he’s just trying to move around.
The one thing I can say about Lawrence is he tries to be honest with the other women. Tasha calling him a “**** boy that thinks he’s a good man” must’ve really gotten to him during their affair or whatever that was. Lawrence is diligently prospecting someone to fill the void that Issa left and it is consistently failing him. The new chick inviting herself to their (him & Issa) mutual friends birthday soirée with the knowledge that his ex would be there was the ultimate red flag. She’s trying to lick his wounds but they’re self inflicted and he has to do them himself. So with all of these things being so true to real life, I thought what better way to capture the essence of aftermath than to ask men who’ve been through things just like this. The answers I received to my questions were rather insightful.

Is it ever wrong to continue seeing the person that played a significant role in your break up?

“Wrong, maybe. That situation depends .If I’m still trying to fix things with my ex, why would I be still be dealing with the other person. At some point we have to establish boundaries. Alot of times,when people are disrespecting your relationship, they don’t respect you either. If you allow people to do what they want in your relationship, they will. It’s human nature for some people to take advantage of vulnerability, especially when they want you around. That’s reality, people will do what they want to do to get what they want. But it is unconventional. Maybe even tacky, but it depends on what happened. It’s pure disrespect. Before you move on to something else, fix whats broken. Self accountability is hard to admit, we always want to overlook the simple rules of cause and effect.”

Do you believe that things happenin relationships because couples aren’t “equally yolked”?

“I actually don’t believe in the term, it’s like a puzzle piece. You have all of your things out in front of you but trying to put them in their proper order becomes difficult. At what point do you get to say the thrill isnt there at all times.”

Do you feel like people really expose their true feelings about you when they’re angry?

“I say angry and I say drunk. Most definitely the do. That’s when you you’re truest self and not thinking about the feelings of the other person.”

Lawrence is a Sagittarius man through and through, very critical of himself and impulsive at the absolute wrong times in life. He wanted to be great for Issa, but he simply couldn’t get out his own way. The consequences for Lawrences actions got him all caught up in a multitude of none sense that he’s still trying to swim his way out of. I asked these questions to men who had gone through drama, heartbreak and the rebound period. They all felt like these questions are the few that swirl around in your mind once your lady and her replacement are long gone and your by yourself thinking about how you could’ve done that better. So for future reference fellas, post break up, take a second for you. Hurt people, hurt people.

With Love,

Storie Stone

The Storie Will Be Televised

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