Played By A Fair Weather Friend

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Welcome to The True Star Teapot, an outlet for teens to spill some tea, get some things off their chest, vent and even get some advice. Take a look at this confession.

I was a victim of a fair weather friend. There was a guy that I liked for a long time, but I was too shy to shoot my shot. Every time I did shoot my shot, I ended up missing. So, one day I decided to let go of the fear of getting rejected by my crush by asking my friend to put me on.

Of course, many of my friends agreed, but I decided to go to one of my friends that I hadn’t known the longest. She agreed to put me on because, like I said, I was still scared and nervous. My “friend” and teammate happily grabbed my phone and texted the guy via Snapchat. He didn’t respond till after our practice. I was still scared and didn’t want to respond, so I gave her my Snapchat password and username. She texted him back.

At 2:00 in the morning, I decided to check my snap. The conversation thread was gone and so was his snap. I instantly texted my friend and told her that I knew that it didn’t work out, but it took me a day to realize what she had actually done. She had put herself on and not me, like I had asked. So now, she’s talking to my man that isn’t really my mans, but could’ve been my mans. What a great friend she is! What should I do? Should I mess with the RELATIONSHIPS that she has or should I just let this hurt go?


(Snapped Out of Love)


True Star Response:

Let me start off by saying I’m sorry that happened to you. You didn’t deserve to be treated like that. What your “friend” did was wrong. As a friend, you should help your friends out when you can, not hurt them. You should also be careful with who you choose to trust with personal information as you don’t know their intentions or motives.

I personally think you should leave your “friend” and the situation alone. Considering she did something like this to you while clearly knowing you like the boy shows that she doesn’t really care about your feelings. If she betrayed you like this once, she could possibly do the same thing again.

You should just let karma take its course. Taking matters into your own hands could make the situation become worse than what it already is. Stay away from this “friend” too because she seems like nothing but trouble. Send us updates on what happens with your “friend” and this situation as more things occur.


Cece Kodak (Intragram: @cece.kodak)

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