PnB Poppin’!

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This entire new project just proves why PnB will break that Philly curse of getting hot and then going ghost.

Catch These Vibes shows how he continues to make music that goes harder than the last tracks and will continue to be relatable in the years to come.

Starting with Friends, I kind of hate how relatable and accurate this song is. Then Scrubs and Issues and Pressure and Feelins and Confide and Face– ohh lord Face. But back to Friends, this is the track that asks you ‘girl why can’t we just be friends?‘. You know when you catch feelings on accident for yo homie? Yeah it’s definitely one of those.

Scrubs is simply but greatly the 2017 of Bestfriend ft. Olivia and Boyfriend #2 with more intense production and a needed visual. Issues is a f***-boy anthem, and by that I mean that is comes from the perspective of two veteran fuck boys. I like that track a lot.

Pressure just lets PnB go off. I feel like his last project allowed him to go off like this track kind of, but I prefer the way he handled it this go around. Of course the come up is always a stressful and eventful situation, so instead of having an entire album or even a few tracks to explain that, he went in on it with one clean song.

Confide and Face are both literally the opposite of clean. Confide could definitely be a club record and Face has PnB on his grown man.

Go listen y’all because I am very excited to continue to see PnB on a rise!

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