Queen Bey’s Best!

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In honor of the Queen Bey’s birthday, I started to think about some of my favorite Beyoncé tracks. I mean, she has released so many good records, so to challenge myself I’m going to go through and pick one from each album she’s released thus far!

This was a lot harder than it may seem:

Dangerously In Love circa. 2003


For some reason, this debut collection of RnB and Hip Hop rhythms is categorized as Pop which kind of throws me off.

My favorite track from this album was extremely hard to pick. Like honestly if I had to rewrite this post everyday, this album’s pick would be different each and every day. They are all sing along worthy tracks, and a couple hit home. Black girls all around the world know the lyrics to Dangerously In Love but above all, I think That’s How You Like It honestly takes the cake for me. It’s that cool line that Beyoncé played as being Jay Z’s girl. This album actually is my favorite Beyoncé album. I can sing along to the entire thing without a problem. To be honest, I sing the chorus of Signs when I’m trying to figure out somebody’s zodiac!

B’Day circa. 2007


This album was not one of my favorites I will say. But I think this album was one for Beyoncé that sat her apart and said “Don’t let the vocals fool you, imma BOSS”. With songs like Kitty Kat and Freakum Dress she put the men in their place. This album could’ve also played as her way of saying “I don’t need Jay.” Those tracks plus my favorite Upgrade U helped with the dialogue of her being a queen and not needing anybody else to tell her that, especially not a man. Irreplaceable also makes an appearance on this album, which became an anthem, but since Upgrade U is the first choreographed song I’d ever learned, it holds a special place in my heart.

I Am ….. Sasha Fierce circa. 2008

US deluxe digital booklet

So with all the confessing that Jay Z has been doing, I can hypothesize that he started being scandalous around the time that this album was being produced. Whether or not that is true is irrelevant but it would be the cause of the amount of emotion this album cultivated and involved. Single Ladies was the anthem from this album and sent the internet into a frenzy but my favorite track happens to be Hello. It’s something about that song that makes me wanna go get married and stay that way for 50 plus years. Songs like Diva, Video Phone, and Ego also were hits and made me turn into a whole different girl, but Hello puts me in a trance. Especially the bridge because god knows that Bey can really blow.

‘4’ circa. 2011


2011 was a strange year for everyone. I mean I barely remember anything that happened in 2011, but I do remember this album. Honestly, I hated Love On Top, most likely because my mother screeches this at the top of her lungs with her headphones in while she cooks. Dance For You was the top lap dance track right before Body Party by Ciara came out. Best Thing I Never Had would’ve been my favorite if I wasn’t so confused about the song when it first came out. That makes End Of Time my favorite. If you haven’t noticed, I love songs about being in love with someone. But End Of Time has vocals, production, and lyrical substance that I need to sing along crazily to my future spouse. This competes highly with Party because when it first came out, it literally would put me in another world. I loved this track y’all. But End Of Time just happens to be what I’m really feeling now a days.

Beyoncé circa. 2013


Y’all remember when she dropped this project with visuals and no marketing behind it. Like it was just like BOOM. This is another album where I can truly say that I enjoy every single song (besides maybe Haunted). From XO to Drunk In Love, each of these tracks are some type of musical perfection.

I don’t think I need to say anything about Lemonade. But if I did, have to pick a favorite it’d be Hold Up, or Love Drought.


Happy Birthday Bey!

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