“Girl, Why?” – Never Been Kissed

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By the time most girls are between the ages of 14-18, they have most likely kissed a boy or two, or have been on a date, might have even lost their virginity by now. But what do you say when a girl of the tender age of 17, says that she has not kissed anyone or even had someone to call their significant other? I know it sounds hard to believe, trust me I’ve heard it countless of times. I’ve heard, “You’re a pretty girl, I know you can get a guy to kiss you” to “ Do you even have plans on kissing anyone”. With everyone being so concerned about my love life, it almost makes me just want to find a random cute guy on the corner and go at it. But I won’t though, I don’t plan on having my first kiss with some random, I hold myself to a higher standard than that.

So what do you tell the 17 year old young woman to do about never being kissed or even having someone to call her significant other? I know it may seem like a hard question to answer, because it is. I’m even trying to find the answer myself, so this is the journey of a young black girl trying to find love in a city where it seems like it doesn’t exist.

-Ambitiously J

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