Kong: Skull Island Premiere Event & Review-In Theaters Now

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On Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the official red carpet premiere of Kong: Skull Island. The night was filled with celebrities and excited fans who’ve been waiting for the movie to be released since the trailer was available a few months ago. Of course there were also fans who were not afraid to express their feelings in line on how they just wanted Kong to be left alone, and didn’t understand why they would make another movie… Even though they still managed to be attending the premiere waiting in line anxiously.








Samuel L Jackson and his lovely wife, Mrs. LaTonya graced the red carpet (which was actually green) along with some of the other amazing cast members like John Goodman from Roseanne, Tom Hiddleston, Corey Hawkins from The Walking Dead and Jason Mitchell.

samuel l



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I normally don’t mind my action/adventure movies being in 3-D, but the 3-D concept of Kong: Skull Island did not work well with me. Primarily because it was more of a fantasy sci-fi film with horrible green screen props and filming…  Some of the movie was filmed on exact location, but you could definitely tell the parts that were not.

I was very impressed with Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the film, but this is not a surprise since he’s such a good actor. Unfortunately, he was the only good thing worth seeing the movie for. His character had a vendetta which ignited Samuel’s urge to fight. His character was very interesting and his role kept viewers interested.

The film throws viewers into the wild and dangerous home of the king of the apes. There is a team of explorers who take a trip into the wild island where Kong lives. If you like action you’ll be pleased to know that the movie starts off by not wasting anytime giving you Kong at his best with action right from the start. I was pretty annoyed that it was a full 2-hour film, with mediocre editing and poor green screen placement. If you’re wondering … YES!, the movie does actually tie over with Godzilla and many critics were concerned that it would not. So there’s a small little spoiler for you.


Check out the trailer below.

You can find tickets at a theater near you here.

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