Right Talent, Wrong Color

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From Love & Hip Hop Miami’s cast, this Dominican is fighting for Afro-Latinos, the Hispanic culture and creating change. All while making her favorite kind of music and killing the scene as everyone’s body goals. Her name is Amara La Negra and she is coming for everything they told her she wasn’t light enough to achieve. La Negra is on the rise to quickly becoming a Spanish rockstar and she is taking no prisoners. She recently did an interview with widely known radio show ‘The Breakfast Club’ with DJ Envy, Angela Yee and author, Charlamagne The God, where she spoke on not just her music but her deep concerns on colorism in America and the Afro Latina community. She believes that it’s deeply rooted and it is just as bad as racism. Making it important to speak on her idol the late Celia Cruz, our favorite Whitney Houston and many others that drove her to wanting to continue music. La Negra is on a trek to cross over into the American market and soar as she has done in the Latin world, but not without shining light and speaking her piece on what this world has to offer her and those that resemble her.

It has been brought to my attention that many of you are unaware of what exactly it means to be Afro-Latina. It simply states that said person is Latin, but of African descent. Hence the dark skin, the full lips, hips and behind. As much as people want to discredit but imitate us, no one is shaped like black women. And no amount of money will set any other races body up the way ours is naturally given to us. We were all slaves,some of us just got droped off in different places. But I digress. If Amara is nothing, she is for sure a black woman. And I for one am glad to call her my sister.

Her interview was very intimate, almost controversial. She allowed herself to not get emotional, but she was for sure passionate about the topics they covered. She explains that she has had to prove her blackness several times because of people thinking she was doing black face due to her being a darker complexion and speaking fluent english. Yes, it’s ignorant and yes it’s still happening in 2018 as if Rosetta Stone is a thing of the past to say the least. We have a long way to go, obviously. The very first episode of Love & Hip Hop Miami showcased La Negra’s talent and her trying to find someone of huge influence to assist her in crossover. She was linked to a producer by the name of Young Hollywood , who completely showed his behind upon meeting the star. Telling her that in order to be more successful she needed to be more less Macy Gray and more Beyonce’, as if both aren’t Grammy winning artists. La Negra has a very vivid and colorful personality and it shows where ever she goes. During the interview she explains that following the episode she didn’t get angry with him because she has become accustomed to his kind of ignorance and that he did not offer her a sincere apology.

She continues explaining that people tell her that her features don’t match her color as if light colored eyes and perfect skin doesn’t exist in black communities and that she’s trying to “act black”. Whatever that means. Colorism has been the cultural, social, economical and digital divide of our people since the 1400s. Slave owners did their best to separate the darks from the lights and it has worked all of these years. I do believe that for whatever reason there is an appearance standard. In the entertainment industry especially. It hasn’t been about talent in a very long time. It’s about who looks good. I am a Rihanna fan, but we all know Rih is a hustler and a beautiful face. She is easy to sell because above anything else she is a sight for sore eyes. The dignity and integrity in the message La Negra conveys allows her platform to expand. Alice Walker was what she liked to call a “Womanist’ for these very reasons. She didn’t agree with the standard. It was very transparent to her the agenda of society and the like. She was full black. La Negra says that she doesn’t see her people in high places like other races. Thus making her feel like because she is darker skinned and of Latin culture she is pushed to the back of the list regardless of talent, education, following etc.

“You sure it’s not in your mind?”

Charlemagne The God to Amara La Negra when she expresses her feelings on the struggle of colorism in the Afro Latina community. Now here’s where I begin to roll my neck. It’s one thing to not comprehend the way she feels about the breakthroughs of her people. It’s a completely different animal to discredit her thought process and play it off as if she is delusional about the issues she’s been facing her entire life. I’m amazed. He is normally very knowledgeable. For someone like him with such a wide range to speak into people, I thought that was beneath him and even if he was trying to be funny there was nothing humorous about his commentary. When asked whether she felt like Cardi B is poppin because of her lighter complexion she kinda gave this look like” cmon now.” Insinuating that yes, this industry has taken to Cardi because she is what the people prefer, in addition to being talented, boisterous and authentic to who she is. I didn’t take it as her discrediting Cardi, but I understood where she came from with saying that in every industry, music, movies, videos, television shows etc, people that look like her are far and few in between. So many people are ignorant to what exactly is Afro Latina because they look just like us, there for are treated just like us (black people) without distiction. Her path is one less traveled, but I’m certain we haven’t seen the last of it.

“When little girls tell me how much they understand their beauty based off seeing me. That really means a lot” —-

-Amara La Negra

With Love,

Storie Stone

The Storie Will Be Televised

B R I L L I A N T. Successful Project Product. Proud Black Sheep and all around Thoroughbred. 26. Planted in Chicago,IL | Blossomed in Atlanta, GA

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