Rise Up Basketball Tournament Showcases Talented Youth

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The Rise Up Tournament, recently hosted at the United Center, gave several youth basketball teams from the Chicagoland area the chance of a lifetime—to compete on the same court as the six-time World Champion Chicago Bulls. This event is the second to be sponsored by F.A.R.M.Sports, an organization that works with Chicagoland area development programs that enhances growth through sports. Featured were teams from Bolingbrook (Young Baller, ASA (A Step Ahead)): 5th-6th grade, and MUA 2022: 7th-8th grade) and teams from Maywood. Two twelve-minute halves were filled with intense, but fun spirited competition. After the games, participants enjoyed a Chicago Bulls game against the Toronto Raptors, filled with excitement and prizes.

The first matchup was Young Ballers from Bolingbrook versus Maywood’s youngest team, DBL (Danka Basketball League). Young Ballers ended the first half up by nine points, 11-2. In the final half the team from Bolingbrook won 15-5.

Following the first match up, the fifth and sixth graders of Bolingbrook (ASA) and Maywood played against each other. Did I mention that girls hoop too? With one girl on their team, Team ASA swept team DBL from Maywood by 11 points making the final score 27-16.

The last match up was between the MUA 2022 8th graders and Team Maywood. In the first half, Team MUA 2022 ended on top with 23 points and Maywood with seven points. The last half of the game Team Maywood picked up the defense and intensity, but fell short to Team MUA 2022. Maywood lost 41 to 15.

From the ridiculous handles, to the fundamentals of the game, these youth teams showcased their skills on the courts that their basketball idols play on. This is why the foundation is built, shaping young ballers to be some of the greats that come out of Chicago. Support more youth basketball games by attending the upcoming events. You can find tickets by visiting the F.A.R.M.Sports website at  farmsportsunitedcenterevent.com. You should definitely keep your eyes out for these young hoopers. After all, they are the future of sports.

By Jada Daniel, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep, Junior

Twitter: @tgijadaaa

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