Sean Mula Drops New Single “Budget Ballin”

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Boston native and host of The Kick Back on Dash Radio , Sean Mula, is Back on the rap grind with a banging new single “Budget Ballin”. Being a rap artist and current college, he has chosen to rap about something many can relate to: the reality of being ‘a broke a** college kid’ and the adventures of the college lifestyle.

This song is for any college student who has had to make a meal out of ramen noodles and hot dogs, or spent your last $2 on laundry; for the college freshmen, alumni and everyone in between, who has partied on campus, made new friends and memories. With excerpts of a phone conversation with his “mom” asking her for money, depicting how real the struggle can be, and a heavy baseline synonymous with the weight of balancing a college life & social life. Sean’s lyrics take us on his private journey of the college experience through his own eyes.

This song serves as a reminder to all the college students around the world: you are not alone; there are many others having the same struggles and enjoying the same priceless moments every step of the way.

Listen below and tell us what you think.

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