Social Media’s Effect On Beauty Standards, Popularity

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Throughout various social media platforms, people are judged based on physical appearance. A person’s body image centers on how they see themselves. Since social media has such a big impact, the image we have of ourselves is altered based on what we may encounter on the Internet. It causes us to look for those traits we consider to be beautiful online within ourselves.

Social media has a way of making people think they have to look a certain way to be “popular.” That certain image causes a sense of curiosity in a person thinking if I look that way, I can gain multiple followers. Social media was created as a way to highlight your individuality, not for settling to be like the other millions of people on those platforms. If it was intended for everyone to look alike, life would be devoid of the many layers of humanity that makes it so special. Our layers are what separate us from each other.

Social media is defined as the judging of one’s ideas or looks and deciding if you like or relate to it or not. The judgement is based on beauty in the one’s eyes and not the beauty that is confidence within the picture itself. Posting on social media requires confidence in your physical appearance. The confidence is needed because not everyone sees the beauty and you can’t let one person’s opinion affect how you see yourself. Everyone has their own image and others may not like you being you, but that’s what life is about; not looking like everyone else but standing out as an individual.

Social media popularity is based on how many followers you have and the people who track you on that platform. Becoming popular doesn’t mean transforming your whole page to look like somebody else’s. Beauty doesn’t define how many people should like you. Today, people have become so enamored with hate that the more they do it, the more popular they become. While hate does help get attention, it doesn’t help the image that a person is displaying.

Social media doesn’t define your beauty only you can. While social media is a great tool, used for professional and leisurely activities, it still has to be contained and looked at for what it is. Beauty has to be protected and that starts with each person actively understanding the power their words possess.

By: Iyanna Fleming,Sophomore,Providence St. Mel

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