Some People Deserve Second Chances

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I hated Joe Budden.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a die hard Drake fan. No, Drake stan plus more. So that means, I’m team Drake all day and anyone who comes for him, comes for me. Joe Budden was one of those people and I honestly had no idea who Joe was before the Drake interaction. Never heard the name (or Pump It Up).

All I knew was that Joe beefed with Drake and would make the news for some controversial statements. And that he was a rapper turned media man. I was so anti Joe Budden and wasn’t open to hearing anything that didn’t align with that.

But one day, I had my YouTube on auto play and the Joe Budden podcast came on. It was about 30 minutes, I forgot the topic, but I do remember, it really changed ,my perspective on him.

Joe is extremely honest, smart, well versed in music, understanding, has a musical knowledge beyond just hip hop, listens to others with opposite opinions, makes great points, values new age music, sees things from the point of view of the artist as well as an executive, and says a lot of thngs that I personally agree with. Plus, despite his issues with Drake, recognizes and respects his star. Even when Joe is speaking on something I know nothing about, he remembers his audience and fully explains things so that I do and that I care.

I really love Joe Budden now. He’s my favorite media personality; I listen to each of his 2 hour episodes daily. And I really think he has a good handle on a media and I loved what he’s doing with it.

I didn’t give Joe Budden a fair chance, but things happen for a reason, and I am so glad I stumbled across his podcast that one day. #TeamJoe


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