SONG OF THE MONTH: “July” Jhene Aiko Feat Drake

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Hey Y’all! I’m starting a new series entitled Song of the Month.

For the first monthly installment, I’m going to feature the song “July” that appeared on Jhene Aiko’s 2011 album “Sailing Souls” and has some feature verses from Drizzy.

The name of this song makes it fitting for this time of year, right?

This song has a really soft and sweet feeling. Like running through fields of flowers (sweet)…like going to the Sugar Factory with no budget (sweet).

The song is about what happens in a summer fling and how some may go about continuing or ending the relationship when it begins to get colder outside. The peak summertime of July is gone and now it’s back to reality when the leaves begin to fall and summer turns into autumn.

Drake and Jhene captured this feeling perfectly. I’m not surprised though, as these two both specialize in getting listeners in their feelings and putting true emotions into song. “July” is no different. You have Drake’s smooth verses topped off with Jhene’s beautiful soprano voice on the chorus. Then, towards the end, you get Drake singing. Granted, it was heavily auto tuned, but let’s just appreciate that his voice has come so far that he no longer needs that much.

I always end up listening to this during my all nighters. Perfect post midnight track! My favorite line of the song is “The hottest love has the coldest end.” Shout out to Drake for incorporating that double meaning.

Listen Now:

If you want more Drake-Jhene collabs, check out “From Time” off Drakes 2013 project “Nothing Was The Same”

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