[Spotlight] Khalid

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I discovered Khalid a little less than week ago listening to the R&B playlist on Apple Music. His song “Location” has actually become a Billboard hit and after hearing it I understood exactly why.

I then decided to listen to his entire album entitled “American Teen”, released on March 3rd, and have developed a love for this young man’s music.

Khalid just recently turned 18 and all of his music is very timely for his age and relatable to other teenagers and their experiences. He talks about things only today’s teenagers could understand such as “falling in love off of sub tweets” and keeping a exes number saved, but deleting all the pictures, in hopes they’ll realize you two are better off together.

If I could describe his project in one world, it’d be honest. The album is calm and clearly inspired by the lives of the teens he’s around. He gives me male Lana Del Rey.

I definitely recommend checking him out!


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