Star Wars: Revenge Of The Selfie

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Most people have their own opinions about the situation recent drama with between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. Some people would say Kardashian is weak or Chyna is a gold digger or promiscuous.  I think that Chyna was wrong, but like Snoop Dogg said, “she seen a sucker (Rob) and licked it.” While the technicalities of who is right or wrong in the situation is discussed across pop culture, the legal ramifications of Rob’s actions have turned everything on its head.

Revenge porn is the act of posting pornographic photos or videos of someone on the Internet without their consent, because they made the person who posted them upset; it’s usually done after a breakup. According to the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, 39 states outlawed revenge porn. The consequences of revenge porn could be sexual harassment charges or lawsuits. With that being said, Kardashian has upped the seriousness of the situation.

Chyna knew how vulnerable Kardashian was and trapped him into having a baby out of spite, because of her situation with her ex-boyfriend Tyga and Rob’s younger sister Kylie. Not only that, but Chyna made Kardashian spend millions of dollars on her, buying a house, jewelry, cars, and spent $100,000 on her surgery. Along with that, she cheated on him with different men inside the home Kardashian paid for, and gave those men, the clothes Kardashian bought for himself. One of the men Chyna was cheating with, Ferrari, basically broadcasted on Instagram by posting pictures of himself and Chyna in bed together while Ferrari wore Kardashian’s robe. Chyna also sent Kardashian a video of her and one of the other men she was cheating on him with, a video of them kissing.

Back in 2014 a man from D.C. has been the first to be convicted under their revenge porn laws. He was sentenced to nine years in prison for assault, threats, and stalking his ex-girlfriend. While this is further proof that times have changed and laws continue to be written for the new generation of crime, Kardashian displayed a lack of understanding that the law exist.

Based on the circumstances, Kardashian shouldn’t have made that move with Chyna in the first place. He said it himself, Chyna was mad because his younger sister Kylie took her man. His family was upset about them being together and they told him, along with their fans, that Chyna was motivated to create a relationship with Kardashian out of spite.

With everything she did to him, Kardashian leaked all of her nudes and exposed her on the Internet, letting the world know who Chyna is and what she did. Now she’s known as a gold digger, and people are bashing her everywhere. But what if the situation was flipped? What if it was Chyna who had leaked all of Kardashian’s nudes, and Kardashian cheated instead of Chyna? Maybe he would’ve been called wrong for doing those things, but they wouldn’t have bashed him for being promiscuous. It’s usually okay or doesn’t get as much attention when men cheat, but when it’s a woman, it’s the worst thing in the world.

Some even say the Kardashians got what they deserved because they’ve used men for fame and money the same way Chyna did Rob Kardashian. The situation got too messy, and it was weak of Kardashian to go to the Internet instead of dealing with it like a mature adult. Now, he most likely will have to face a lawsuit from Chyna because of his revenge porn.

By Taliah Scarelli Brooks, Sophomore, George Westinghouse College Prep



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