Stars Of The Year Award: Best Bars Star

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This category is essential to the rap game or I would’ve given up on Hip Hop a long time ago. Whether or not they are spitting real substance or they said something that stuck with you, these 8 nominees had some of the best lyrics of 2017.

The nominees for best bars are:

The lyrics included are one of my favorites from each artist.

Fabolous: Theme Music
( Any questions ask’em above, Any problems mask and a glove / Jason and Freddy basically ready, I’m like Masika and Alexis how I’m chasing a fetti)

Future: Draco
(Draco season wit the bookbag, Rat Tat got a little kick back/ Hunnits on hunnits got a good batch, you’ll never ever get ya b**** back)

21 Savage: FaceTime
(I’m too drunk to text so can we FaceTime/ I won’t waste your time if you don’t waste mine)

Gherbo: Street This entire song full of barrsss
(Street niggas should always wanna be bigger, You satisfied with thousands You a cheap nigga/ Satisfied with living off his guys that’s a leech nigga, heard he set his goals off satisfaction that’s me nigga)

Kendrick: ELEMENT
(Aye, I’ve been stomped out in front of my momma, My daddy commissary made it to commas/ B**** all my grandmas dead, so ain’t nobody praying for me I’m on ya head)

Young Dolph: Play Wit Yo Bitch
(You went from my biggest fan to my biggest hater/Beggin me to sign with you but I had too much paper)

Dave East: What A Year
My choice isn’t to say he hasn’t spit anything since the beginning of the year but this is a favorite line.
(Complexion Mocha in the section with smokers/Face mean I beat that niggas would never approach her)

This was not easy at all. But as a man that spits with purpose, flow, and heart I’m going to have to give this award to Herb. Y’all should definitely listen to Street that song is nothing but bars from beginning to end.

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