Stars Of The Year Award: Lady Stars

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Usually there is one and only one award for women and I decided to honor all of them *passes out awards to the following artists*

Cardi B: This year Cardi worked her ass off and her work paid off. I’m so proud of her glow up.

Nicki Minaj: of course she deserves an award. This year she has been consistent in giving us hits. People are asking her for project type verses but why put a verse like that on a feature when she has nothing left to prove. I’m rooting for her and I hope she drops an album in 2018 that will shut everybody up.

Leikeli47: Yet another hard working that I’m looking forward to for the upcoming year. She has this unique personality about her that I want to get to know more through her music.

Rico Nasty: This year has also been quite a year for Rico. She hasn’t gotten Cardi B type coverage but as far as working hard and having a cohesive portfolio she has done it.

Malibu Miitch: Yet another female in the game that has been working damned hard. Honestly this trend is showing me that the girls work harder and play no games when it comes to their careers. Her spunky yet sensual flavor is one to love and adore. Congrats on a great year Malibu.

SZA: Do I have to say much? I mean she pretty much took over everybody’s Playlist this summer. Enough said.

H.E.R.: I love it ! I love everything about it! I love this girl and her music.

BIA: Y’all remember BIA? My goal has been dropping consistent and quality tracks, my favorite being BADSIDE. But yes her recognition is long overdue.

Kash Doll: I doubted her at first but after For Everybody, and then her verse on So Good?? Y’all this is my boujee auntie. I’m really looking forward to her 2018 moves.

Queen Key: Did not like her at all last year. But then, I heard My Way. Literally my anthem and I’m so grateful to have came from a city where our stars are go getters and hard workers. Let’s go girl!

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