Stars Of The Year Awards: Biggest Disappointment Of 2017

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This category needed to be done because as much as there was good music being cranked out, there were some flops. This category holds the music industry’s favorites accountable for putting out material that was not okay.

The nominees are:

(I’m explaining each one because some I totally agree with and others not so much)

Tremaine by Trey Songz
So my man’s last album was the best thing my ears had ever experienced so he set the bar high for this project. Personally I love him nonetheless, but lots of fans worldwide think that he didn’t do so Hot with this album. I loved each song but not as much as I loved each track on Trigga, so it was more of a let down than a disappointment in my book.

Wake Me Up by Remy Ma and Lil Kim
So here’s the thing, you cannot expect to gain respect if you only show us that you’re good at being shady. Now I’m not saying I’m a big fan of Nicki but Remy is going to have to come a lot harder than disses to go against her. I’m extremely disappointed with Kim and Remy for remixing such a classic and making a trash visual and track. Like what!? No. Whoever validated that needs to be fired.

True To Self by Bryson Tiller
Once again my boy set the mark too high by his last project and missed it. I honestly enjoyed almost every song on this album but I do feel like there was a lot less hype surrounding it. Not a lot of people even anticipated the album which really set him up for failure but it left me disappointed in the sense that he didn’t deliver, he tried to show the his versatility but we wanted more of what he previously brought to the table with TRAPSOUL.

Double or Nothing by Big Sean and Metro Boomin
Now this actually made me mad to the point where I don’t even wanna talk about it. I only liked two songs and these are two of my favorite artists. I’m done here.

As you can tell Remy Ma snatched up this award honestly fair and square unlike that BET AWARD.

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