Stars Of The Year Awards: TRAP STAR

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Hey y’all so I know I’ve been going ghost but this entire month I’ve been scouring all my magazines and websites, getting records, lyrics and info together to bring you something like my 2017 Music Awards.

A while ago I did the Trap Star of The Year but this year I decided to expand my categories so for now, we’ll start with our Trap Star.

So for each category I took 4 nominees and did some heavy deliberation. Each of the nominees deserve the award of the category they are in, but the one that wins is the one that really went above and beyond I feel.

My nominees for this award are

G Herbo

21 Savage


The people in this category have delivered and went hard on every single and project released this year in true Trap Star fashion. But I would have to say that 21 Savage came harder than any other artist this year.

When it comes to consistence, lyrical content, flow, bars, substance, and beats 21 has it. His projects display cohesion and skill that every hip hop artist needs to succeed. I wasn’t a huge 21 fan before this year but I definitely am now. He did not disappoint me at all this year and he deserves the 2017 Trap Star Award!


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