Sunday Slay

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Hey Fashionistas,

Today is the last day of Sunday Slay of my all black series! It has been fun, yet challenging.  Black may seem like a blah color, but there are clearly so may ways you can wear it! I was inspired by a scene from Rush Hour 3 (I know random). This particular scene had a bunch of French dancers on stage in suit jackets and garter tights. I love this combo because it includes both a masculine and feminine qualities.

Christian Dior Suit Jacket


Original Price: $1.50

Garter Tights


Original Price: $25.00

Clearance: $5.00

Jeweled Beret 

Forever 21

Original Price: $22.90

Clearance Price: $5.00

Cylinder Cross Body


Original Price: $4.99

Suade Booties


Original Price: $59.90

Clearance: $45.00

Additional 40% off: $28.00

Photographer: Tedrick Clark

I am a 25 year old from 219, Indiana. I love shopping for pieces that are different and that I know nobody else will have! But one thing I hate about shopping is going broke doing so. Throughout the years of me working in retail, I have picked up a lot of tips and tricks for saving LOTS of money when shopping. I also go against trends by Vintage shopping. I find pieces that I can pair together to create works of art. You can call me a penny pincher, but I'll look BOMB while pinching my pennies :)

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