Super Fans Rejoice! OITNB Season 6 Expected To Bring Even More Drama

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Like so many others I love to watch me some Netflix. They have almost everything for your viewing pleasures. From television series, blockbuster movies, original Netflix films as well as the amazing original series. Now don’t get me wrong some films and shows I’ve watched didn’t hit the mark, but where they went right was when they created my favorite show of all time, “Orange is the New Black.” They’ve created five jaw dropping seasons, but for all the super fans like myself I have some good news.

Monday July 9th, Netflix released the official trailer for season six. Before I talk about what’s about to go down in this trailer, let me recap season five. A lot was going on in the Litchfield. One of the female inmates gets a hold of one of the correctional officer’s guns and shot him, but not injuring him fatally. Before this incident, the prison is in an uproar riot lead by the inmates as they revolt against one of the notoriously hated officers Piscatella. The 13-episode season depicts over a three-day period of rioting and the women fighting to get their demands met. They wanted better food, education programs, and higher pay for the labor they were doing. Several of the correctional officers and administrative staff were being held hostage and receiving the treatment they dished out to the women. Through the rebellion the women felt in charge, liberated and even just happy to have some control over those who controlled them on a daily basis. Remember, this was a prison riot so of course it wasn’t going to have a happy ending. In the last episode, the riot is declared over when the hostages escape with the help of an inmate and FBI taskforce forcing their way in and escorting the inmates out. After doing a headcount they notice 10 women are missing. Red, Blanca, Cindy, Taystee, Suzanne, Nicky, Piper, Alex, Frieda, and Gloria all await their fate in the pool area. BOOM season five was over.

The trailer for season six shows the women of Litchfield adjusting to life in a maximum-security prison. The 10 women of season five have been reclassified into new groups by colors. Piper is in blue, Suzanne is in pink, and Taystee and Cindy are wearing khaki. The color-coded system for the uniforms is not explained in the trailer but Piper tells Suzanne, “Blues and Khakis have beef with each other. Pinks are safe out there.” Alex Vause is missing but in order to find out the rest of the story we super fans must wait and see. The new seasons drops on July 27th so be on the lookout.


By BreNae Scott, Senior, Alcorn State University,

IG: @im_alikamarie

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