“That’s My Child”

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Boo came to me one day after he had been browsing the internet and showed me this video of two men fighting.
I later found out that the two men were fighting because the mothers boyfriend had disciplined his child without any mention to him, needless to say the guy didnt appreciate it and things went incredibly left. As a partner to a man with a child, seeing this video was an eye opene for me . I personally want to revisit this topic and get some responses fro m step childen as well as parents. I am the eldes of three and my mom is in her second marriage. She’s dealt with men that have literally come to her and voiced that they wanted her and not us (the children). However the man she’s married to no, had a differentmand more mature outlook on the matter. Her kids, were his kids This was his mindset even before they got married and decided they wanted to be together for better ot for worse.

I read lots of comments that said “He doesnt have the right to touch my kid”,”He can advise/coach the children, but leave anything else to the actual parents” I was really thrown off by those saying “I don’t care if they are paying the bills and assisting in properly raising my child , they should tell me and let me handle it from that point” I too am sort of a step parent and things are cool in my house because my guy set the standard in our home. I dont have any biological children, but I provide, love and care for him like he is mine. And as far as I’m concerned he is.

I had the pleasure of speaking with a old head and she made me think of the entire situation really different. The whole “step parents can’t discipline my children” mindset is a black people thing. Families of other races, Caucasian, Asian, etc,embrace the step parents as long as they are nice to their children and doing well. Whites especially, they take pride in blended families, Ive never seen a family outside of African Americans not adhere tp the way family is going. The way life is lately , it’s very seldom that you’ll come across a young man especially that doesn’t have at least a child. Personally , I think it takes a village to properly raise a chil anyway. And if these are people that clearly love my child and they see he or she acting inappropriately, please discipline them for me and let me know so I can follow up.

What are your thoughts on step parents and disciplining?

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