The 411 on 4:44: The Prolouge

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I’m extremely used to people underestimating and overlooking Jay Z. Like he’s been spitting facts since he first came out. Like “Big Pimpin'” was a hit, but have y’all really been listening to the lyrics in tracks like “Song Cry”?

I see y’all haven’t because everyone literally went crazy over this album.

Jay Z is probably one of the only rappers from that golden age of Hip Hop that can drop an album and make everyone this hype. And not just from the respect that the music industry owes him, but strictly off the substance and content of the album.

So with that being said, I will be onto review each track this month. Within the album, there is content, context, and concepts that cannot be missed.

Without further ado, I’m giving you the 411 on 4:44.


Track 01// Kill Jay Z

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