The Best Game!

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I always talk about how people under-estimate and sleep on an amazing artist, and I can’t even imagine how bad I feel about my life long nap.

So when I first heard about The Game, I can remember my father banging the ‘One Blood’ rmx in his Impala. I used to sit in the backseat trying to count how many times the word ‘blood’ was said in the song, not really paying attention to how much the song bangs! Then I remember thinking that The Game was horrible when he acted in Waist Deep. Even though he did a great job, his character was eviiiilll.

Can you imagine your hair blowing in the wind, as you drive your dream car down the shore? I surely did, and the song that I wanted to play was ‘Hate It Or Love It’. At first I thought it was 50 cent’s song with The Game featuring, but I was terribly mistaken. That song is and will always be love.

So recently, I got on Spotify, looking for this song that The Game allowed Trey Songz to feature on, (Do It To You), and I stumbled upon The Documentary 2 which was released in October of 2015. 

I remember seeing The Game talk about it on Instagram, and I would always be like, ‘why is he still trying to make music’, but I’m really, really excited to talk about this album for y’all.

This Entire Album Is The Bomb. (Click The Pic)



Point blank period, maybe one of the best things since sliced bread. He used to be apart of the G-Unit crew, but his departure is what spiked his beef with 50, and I honestly can say that he is equal competition.

It’s so real and raw. I’ve never been so excited to put my headphones in and vibe out. It’s CALI to the fullest. And if you don’t know that he’s a BLOOD, you most definitely know by the end of the album.

Usually, I would talk about a few of the song’s that are my favorite, but I can’t choose! All of the tracks are……… I really don’t think it’s a word for how I feel about this album. I’m so glad that I’m a fan now. Finding bomb music is what makes me happy, and I’m so glad that I found The Documentary 2.


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