“The End of Our F***ing” Standards – A Teen’s Perspective Of A NetFlix Hit

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You wouldn’t expect a show with a 97 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes to be as predictable and unexciting as the NetFlix hit “The End of the F***ing World,” but here we are.

Is it just me? Have I gone too far down the dark rabbit hole of the Internet to be shocked by what could have been a delightfully twisted show? Maybe. Or maybe, NetFlix has popped out another hit from the same cookie cutter mold of teen comedies to create something with the guise of being original. How many movies have we seen where the “uninterested guy” couldn’t care less about the girl chasing him and yet somehow by the end of the movie, he’s in love with her? Or the one where the girl puts up a front to protect herself from something from her past, but ultimately let’s all that go after meeting a new guy?

What NetFlix has essentially done is combine these tropes to the point where the two main characters, Alyssa and James, are almost the same person, that’s if James was as obnoxious with his feelings as Alyssa.  I went into this show with low expectations and hoped it wouldn’t play out into what I thought it would be. But not even two episodes in, I had correctly guessed James’ situation with his mother, Alyssa’s father’s real intentions and the development of James and Alyssa’s relationship. I will admit I did not see the ending coming nor the creepy man in that house, but neither of those things make up for all that “The End of the F***ing World” is lacking.


By Brianna Thomas, Senior, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep

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