“The Get Down”

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Okay.. I’m really hyperventilating.

Before the end of the school year it was rumored that Nas was partnering with Netflix to produce a series called the Get Down that comes out in August.

Well Y’all. It’s August and it’s really happening. After watching the trailer and oozing over every single detail that it included from the fashion to the location and settings, as if I was alive around 1973, I immediately became excited.

So the story is set in Bronx NY and follows these teens during the 70’s and the impact of the hip hop movement around them and how they adapt and grow to love hip hop itself.

Before I go on to say what I’m expecting I want to introduce some of the casting aspects. The antagonist of the series is Puerto Rican as well as the leading lady of the series. Some may see that as misleading and annoying, but the common public misconception is that Hip Hop is a black thing. 


Sorry not Sorry but hip hop has always been an urban thing, a colored people thing, a ghetto thing if you wish. Early hip hop culture had a lot to do with the streets of  the Bronx that were run predominantly by Puerto Rican gangs back in the 60s and 70s like the Ghetto Brothers and Savage Skulls and Savage Nomads. They all had the same parties which brought them together although somebody probably got shanked right after.

What I think this series will capture well is how the new movement and swing of hip hop impacted minority youth as well as the world around them. The world that I could only before read about and listen to is being reincarnated, and although for only a second I would like to thank in advance for all those involved in the making of The Get Down.

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