The Girl They DIDN’T Hire

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I have a story for you fashionistas. I hope in some way this may help you ladies and gentlemen with your future career decisions.

I know we all want to eventually stop our 9-5 and to pursue our God Given purpose. Fashionistas trust me when I say if you work hard and never quit every dream that you ever dreamt will come true.

I currently work a desk job and there was a time when I wanted to get away from it. I would literally cry everyday after work because I was so unhappy. I wanted to go back into retail management so badly. I filled out applications any time I wasn’t busy and I prayed that someone would call me for an interview. And one retail store did.

I was so excited for this interview because if you work here than you’re automatically a “Fashionista Extraordinaire”. I wanted to be apart of this “IT” crowd sooooo bad. Not only that, it was a relief that there was a possibility of me being able to escape my current job.

The day of the interview I called off work. My interview was not until 4pm, but I felt like I needed the whole day to prepare. I went over mock interview questions and kept going over my resume to make sure I was going to be able to talk about all my job history in as much detail as possible. I got all dolled up and you know I was dressed to SLAY. I pulled my braids up in a neat bun and beat my face to perfection. I arrived at the interview and waited for the store manager to start. I could see her fumbling around at the cash wrap…she couldn’t find my resume. Luckily, I was prepared and had extra copies with me…but no lie…it rubbed me the wrong way 🙁 . So she began firing questions at me, but I handled it like a pro. I had the years of experience, the leadership skills…everything …but for some reason the store manager could not see my God Given purpose. I was more than qualified for a management position…but the store manager made me feel like I wasn’t. She stated that she was unsure of my sales aspect…that I wasn’t as aggressive as she needed me to be. Even though I had worked in way bigger stores and I met all my sales goals during my shift. I even managed at a store that had to make mandatory fragrance sales by the hour and guess what? I beat those goals too. BUT… I thought fair enough…I never get offended when it comes to constructive criticism, so I took her comments to heart. No one is perfect and there is always room for improvement.

The store manager ended our interview and she said she wanted me to come back to do a “shadow”. A shadow is basically a try-out . The hiring manager throws you out onto the floor and watches you do your thing and no one is supposed to help you. The catch is you don’t get paid for it lol. I came back that weekend and did my thing. My shadow was easy as pie…because retail is in my blood. It’s something I’m naturally good at. I greeted customers, I did go-backs, and I even made a few sales. Not only was the manager impressed, but so was the staff. I felt good about my performance, but that was automatically shot down when at the end of my shadow the manager told me she wanted me to start off as a cashier…huh? A cashier…well um ok. She wanted me to start from the ground up, so I could learn more about the company. I respected her decision and still to this day I don’t have any hard feelings about what she said to me during my interview or my shadow, but I just wondered if this would really lead up to a management position or did she  just need an extra body on the sales floor. Call me whatever you want, but I felt I had paid my dues by being a sales associate for so many years. There is always more to learn, but I have never had someone doubt my management skills. I felt like my performance wasn’t showing cashier either. I was automatically discouraged because here I was about to quit an excellent paying job that I work Monday through Friday to be a cashier…part time…for less pay and for someone that lost my resume. I just smiled and accepted the verbal job offer.

She wanted me to come back the following week to meet her assistant manager and fill out my paper work. The day of my 3rd interview I had to work my other job, but I had gotten off early to make it on time. It had been a rough day and …just my luck I caught a flat tire on my way home. I had to be at my interview at 4:00pm and it was already 3:00pm. I sat on the side of the highway and waited for my help to arrive. I called the store and spoke with the assistant manager to inform her what was going and that I was going to be a little late to my interview…possibly 15 min at most. I know maybe that’s completely unprofessional…but what was I supposed to do…not show up or not give them a heads up and walk in like everything is all good? Not me! I pride myself on being an excellent communicator, so I thought that this was very necessary. The store manager put me on hold for what seemed like forever…she finally got back on the phone and told me that the time I was coming in didn’t work and that they would call me to set up another day and time. I thought to myself… you’ll call me?? Right. I was PISSSEDDD. Here I was stressing over a cashier position that I knew deep down in my heart I was OVERQUALIFIED for and she had the nerve to tell me “We’ll call you” ??? What!?FullSizeRender777

I knew they weren’t going to call me back and I was upset for a few weeks over the entire situation. I questioned my skills and thought I wasn’t good enough to be apart of that “IT” crowd. But a few weeks later TRUE STAR came along and True Star made me realize that I am a TRUE star. I am apart of something that believes in me and to be apart of something that doesn’t… seems so wrong. In some weird way I feel like the universe was working against me when it came to me trying to work at that retail store. It clearly was not meant for me because that was not the place I was supposed to pursue my God Given Purpose. I found a better place to pursue this. 🙂

I wanted you fashionistas to know that you will encounter people who will say NO. How you handle that “No” is what’s important. Don’t ever let someone’s perception of you make you second-guess what you are capable of. You HAVE to keep pushing and never give up on your dreams. It’s more than okay if you feel like you are getting cheated out of what you really deserve and if you do RUN that does not mean you are being too ungrateful or whatever the case, that just means that particular situation was not meant for you. And TRUST me when I say something better will come along and it will be exactly what you need. Yes, I still shop there…I’m a fashionista and NO store is off limits and their staff is amazing. And Yes, I still work my my 9-5.


But I think about if I would have made it to that interview and accepted that position and how much time I would have lost on becoming my OWN boss because I was too busy being bossed around.

“Rejection does not mean you aren’t good enough; it means the other person FAILED to notice what you have to offer.”




I am a 25 year old from 219, Indiana. I love shopping for pieces that are different and that I know nobody else will have! But one thing I hate about shopping is going broke doing so. Throughout the years of me working in retail, I have picked up a lot of tips and tricks for saving LOTS of money when shopping. I also go against trends by Vintage shopping. I find pieces that I can pair together to create works of art. You can call me a penny pincher, but I'll look BOMB while pinching my pennies :)

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