“The Hills” Remixes

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” I only call you when it’s half past five…” may very well be one of the most memorable R&B song lines of 2015.  The Weeknd’s “The Hills” was a huge song, known best for the half past five line and the mumble style of singing that The Weeknd took on. As big as the song was with just the Weeknd, two major hip hop artists hopped on separate remixes.

Nicki Minaj


Okay, so honestly, the two feature verses were good, but they were just unnecessary. This song was perfectly fine and topping the charts without the addition, and just didn’t need it. I do realize that there have been songs in the past that were popular prior to a remix and the remix made it even more popular, but that is because the remix brought new life to the song, that is not the case with “The Hills.” Nicki’s verse was just… not her best. The lyrics were 7.5/10 but not for this song. Eminem on the other hand, he did good, he did, but on the wrong song. The beat is already dark, with the clever usage of a broken TV static to start it off, and I can tell Em and Nic tried to embody the darkness and rap in that way, but it just didn’t work out well. Nic was just awkward, Em was more fitting but it just shouldn’t have happened.



Final Verdict: Unnecessary


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