The Martin Controversy: What Did It Mean?

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It’s been a while since the Trayvon Martin incident. As many people already know by now, it’s an example of a modern racial controversy. And there’s been a lot of noise made by African-Americans who are angry and saddened by this incident. Being an African-American myself, I completely understand the African-American peoples’ anger. But, the controversy, the slaying, and even this “new evidence” mean very little in the long run.

Why does this mean nothing? Because most African-Americans will simply forget this event in a matter of time. Unless it is constantly thrust in the faces of black news viewers (an already rare enough audience) the next bigs news story will erase just what this incident means – racism is still too prevalent in this society and the black struggle is not over.

There was a time when something even less terrible than the Martin incident would’ve incited a riot in the black community. When something like this happened, we black people used to try to change things and stop something like this from ever happening again. What happened? Where are those times? Why have things changed?

This entire fiasco means nothing because it won’t change anything in society. Black people won’t let it.

By: Khalil Beckwith

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