The Teen Innovation Behind “Behind The Field”

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Look closely and you’ll see a trend among this generation; everyone wants their time, their chance to showcase what they have to offer far earlier than what we’re used to seeing. Teenagers today are writing novels, starting businesses and, in Angel Potts’ case making shows. She is the creator and the actress playing the part of Mason on the YouTube series, “Behind The Field.” Potts and her friends are creating the change they want to see on television. Together they brought to the Internet a real show based on their own experiences with real problems.

Set at her school, Corliss High School, “Behind The Field” follows the complicated lives of the managers of the football team and the men in their lives as they navigate through friendships, romance and complicated situations every teen is sure to relate to. Potts says they all draw inspiration from other people and their lives. She, personally, is inspired by her twin brother who was a big supporter of her starting the show.

According to Precious Brown, an actress on the show who plays the part of Heaven, it’s also a lot of fun to make. “I love the whole process. Except when we have to stay up late to finish filming or writing.” Together, with the rest of the cast, Potts and Brown throw out scenarios and brainstorm the episodes of the show. But sometimes, the cast of the show can get along too well. “Everyone can be really goofy sometimes,” Brown says, recalling the late nights and free periods where it took forever to get something done. “We’re not just a cast, we’re a family.”

The show’s other cast members include Dariana Walker as Remy, Tierra Coats as Alessia, Jasmine Flowers as Bonnie, Breanna Williams as Ashley and Fatima Sturgis as Kameron.

Despite the distractions, “Behind the Field,” has produced one season, and at True Star press time was working on and uploading the second season. The show has created a buzz in the halls of the school. But its popularity hasn’t gone without criticism. “It was hard to deal with, but we handle it a lot better than before,” Brown said. “You just have to be really patient,” Potts agreed.

Both girls have big plans for the future. They agreed it would be difficult going into acting or directing in Hollywood, but they aren’t afraid of a challenge “Not only are we Black, but we’re female too. So we’re at the bottom of the list, but there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.” Brown has dreams of being the next Viola Davis. For now, their focus has beenBehind The Field,” and with most of the cast graduating, Potts is open to seeing new people take over. “It’s not a bad idea. I’d still like a hand in the writing though. Even when I’m away at college.”

When she’s a famous director and Brown is starring in the latest blockbuster, Potts said she would consider creating a reboot of the show for television.


By Brianna Thomas, Senior, Brooks College Prep

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