Throwback Thursday: Royalty by Chris Brown

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imgres-1I’m so, so, so, proud of Breezy. He got his life together. We haven’t heard or seen anything about Chris Brown in the tabloids since little Miss Royalty came into his life.imgres

I remember his collab with Trey Songz and he said something about having so many condoms in the condo that he could never have kids basically. But now he has an entire titled to the love of his life, and the cover art itself is LOVE!

Overall Chris came subtle, but he had fun with it, and as someone who just became a good fan of Breezy’s, he deserved a 4/5 stars for this one. Most definitely this album had more substance that X, and I glad that almost 7 songs have videos for this album. It adds a spice element to the album.

Little More: This song is love by all means! But the video just gives it an entire new meaning! I have never seen Breezy so happy! As an artist, I think he has become content with everything that has happened in the last years and it shows. The video is so cute, and shows a different side of Chris.

Picture Me Rollin’: I wouldn’t be surprised if Breezy came out and said that he was actually born in California. PMR is a fun, Cali, party song, and the video makes me wanna hop on a plane to LAX, ASAP. I recognize the Nate Dogg type of flavor, and the Cali love, it’s all there. I pray that my adult life is as lit as that video!

Back To Sleep: So when I watched the video, I was really surprised at the explicit lyrics, especially with the cover and everything. But anyway, I love this song! It’s a nice ‘swing your hips’ type of song, and it’s so smooth. Chris Brown really does his job with this song. i advise everybody to listen to the more innocent version, because to me it just goes better.

This album really made me respect Chris as the artist that he is, so go back and appreacite him like I did y’all!

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