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I told myself I’d wait to listen to the new tracks by Trey Songz, but after reading An Evening With Tremaine by Brittanie, I could not help myself.

Watching the episodes and seeing how his search for love plays out is just another addition to these tracks, but I have so much to say.

The album drops on March 24th, yet there are 5 tracks dropped already with accompanying visuals. one thing Trey has emphasized is the need for the ladies to get to know Tremaine. I mean don’t we all, but let’s move on.

    1. Nobody Else But You is just so mystical. The video goes back and forth between Trey mingling with the 20 contestants in the house, and footage of him and his ex-girlfriend. The song itself is catchy, and musically attractive. The structure of the song is like a quick verse, and then this vocal bridge back into the hook. It even has this “you, ou, ah, ah” that I can’t seem to get out of my head. It’s not my favorite out of the 5 that have been released, but it most definitely shows his talent and capacity to make great music.
    2. Moving onto Song Goes Off. This song is like an in the club mingler. It’s not a dancing song and it’s not a sing along. The bridge into the hook is angelic and subtle. It’s most likely going to be a club hit honestly. The lyrics are provocative and tempting. The visual itself shows Trey Songz in the club mingling with so many ladies that it puts him in a daze. At this point I had already begun to enjoy this.
    3. So, I downloaded both these tracks first because they’re my favorites. She Lovin It starts with an acoustic instrumental. Which throws me off, but y’all, I’m lovin’ it! The song is so good that it makes me smirk while listening! The track is basically about having sex with a girl who fronts like she really don’t want it but she actually loves it. Trey and Kreesha Turner (his ex-girlfriend) have amazing chemistry in the video, which makes me think she may as well be preggo.
    4. My other top track is PlayBoy. Tremaine really wants to be in love with this one. If you want a vocal track this one is for you!! Sadly, he just keeps getting tempted back into that single playboy-lifestyle. Overall it’s about the best love song since “Smartphones”.
    5. Lastly, we have Animal. Just putting this out there, if you feel uncomfortable with watching people be extremely sexual, this video is not for you. Trey really makes this song fun. The video makes me gag, but still, it’s done so well. I can tell that he had a great time shooting the video. I haven’t watched the episode that accompanies this one, but it looks like he’s got his eye on one girl. Now the song itself has mellow moments and then the beat just drops again. If Trey keeps this up, I’m probably going to love this album more than I love Trigga Reloaded.

Now since I took my sweet time to finish this piece..



But I do have a side-note

We as a culture (black entertainment), have to understand the consequences of Trey’s music just as much as we support. Seeing what Trey portrays in his music has to be filtered to our kids to make sure they don’t get the wrong messages. Just as any other RnB artist, Trey talks about sex, and treating women and living life a certain way. We accept this because his music is phenomenal. I also thank him for being such a candid artist, so we see much more than love faces.


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