Tristian Arnez, The One to Watch

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“A Living Room Experience” Chicago in recent years has been an incubator for young musical talent. Singer Tristian Arnez, 17, is keeping the trend moving forward. In a small lounge like room at 360 Mind, Body and Soul, Arnez recently hosted Up Close In Person, a small concert to showcase his musical skills. His musical journey began at age 4 singing in the church choir. From gospel hymns to classic ballads, he made his transition covering the Jackson 5 song “Big Boy.” After garnering attention from church members, family and friends, he began to pursue a career in music.

Fast forward to Saturday, November 18th, as the strobe lights covered the room in an array of colors the band set up. The modest room filled with supporters lit up as Arnez made his way to the center. His set began with a soulful tone as his band consisting of two guitarists, a keyboard player, and a drummer to complement his singing style. Arnez had the attendees engaged as he changed his singing tones with high notes and rhythmically scatting. During his set he performed songs from John Mayer, Journey and Phil Collins.

Away from music, Arnez is also juggling an avid social life and athletic career. The Richards High School student (located in Oak Lawn, IL) is a member of the USA Junior Olympic team competing in the 4×100, 4×400 and the long jump. “I’m looking forward to receiving a track scholarship, but whatever college I attend I will be taking my music with me,” said Arnez. He named Chris Brown, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake as influences with a focus on an inspirational pop vibe.

When it comes to impact and legacy, Arnez weighed in saying, “Not only do I want to sing but I want to be an entertainer and have a studio, but I also want to mentor, help new artists and basically pave the way.” Arnez is currently working on a 7-8 track album that he looks to release sometime next year. Arnez’s next performance will be at Cheers formally known as Sullivan’s at 4660 147 Street in Midlothian, IL. To keep up with Arnez, visit his website at

By Martin Horner

Twitter: @MartinHorner1  

Photo Credit: TK

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