TS Expressions – Teen Love

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By Destiny Manning, Henry County High School, McDonough, GA

You’re my all, you’re my everything.

You’re the reason i wake up and sing.

Sing a song of Joy, for all to hear.

Oh boy, there’s Joy whenever you’re near.

A smile upon my face is the effect i have being with you.

Best believe i won’t leave without a smile upon your face too.

A reveal of your pearly whites is important to me.

It’s a sign of your happiness and that makes me happy.    

A relationship is love and trust, which i broke.

I am sorry for that, this is not a joke.

You are my king and you deserve a crown.

I will be your jester, you will never frown.

I’ll do whatever i need to receive,

receive the love you once felt for me.

I know it’s not the same, and it is i that’s only to blame.

My foolish acts caused you pain,

and i apologize babe, now it’s your trust to gain.

i can say that i love you and i always will,

i can overdose on love like you could on pills.

Please believe me when i say, i am trying harder each and every day.

i really do love you with all of my heart,

if you could only see you’d think it’s a beautiful work of art.

My love for you travels beyond the seas.

Scratch that, my love for you travels beyond the galaxy.

i guess what i’m really trying to say is that

our love keeps me going throughout my days.


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