Tyra Is Back!

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Is it just me or has Tyra Banks been slaying for like FOREVER? She recently graced the cover of Paper Magazine as a fierce tiger. The 43 year old model, actress and business mogul took a few years off to enjoy the married life and being a mom. I found it so refreshing to see her on the cover of a magazine and still slaying the same way she did when she was younger.


All this excitement made me think about America’s Next Top Model. Some of you may not know that the hit modeling competition show made its comeback after many years of being off air. The 23rd Cycle was hosted by Rita Ora and had a bunch of new judges. I respect Rita Ora for filling in for Tyra, but the show was just not the same.

Well Guess what? Tyra is strutting her way back to ANTM with the help of social media. “I stepped away, but social media was calling my name in my sleep, screaming they were pissed off at me that I deserted the show.” Trya said. I don’t know about you, but I am extremely excited about this. Rumor has it that the 24th Cycle will have women of all ages competing to win the completion. If this is true then it will only make the show better. The modeling industry has placed a lot of pressure on age. It’s almost like after you turn 25 you are of no use. Once this happens women will almost do ANYTHING to their bodies and skin to keep up with the younger models. I think this will empower women to be more accepting of their aging body and skin. ANTM Cycle 24 will make its debut on VH1 in early 2018.

Another surprise we can expect from Tyra is Life-Size 2! The first Life-Size debuted in 2000 and starred both Tyra and Lindsay Lohan. This movie is about a young girl named Casey that finds a magic book and tries to use it to resurrect her late mother. Instead of bringing back her mother; she accidentally brings her doll by the name of Eve to life. The two stars worked so well together and I hope that Lindsay Lohan will also be alongside Tyra in the film. Life-Size 2 is expected to air on Freeform in December of 2018.

Tyra Banks is BACK and I am HERE for it!

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