Tyrese Releases New Mini Movie/Video #TheBlackBook R&B Still Alive

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It’s A Mini-movie! #TheBlackBook a movie/video Tyrese recently released on social media is about 23 minutes, but worth every second. Directed and written by Tyrese Gibson himself explains why he is a 6x Grammy Nominated recording artist. The video is co-starring Epic records recording artist V. Bozeman and starring R&B slayer Tank singing “Prior To You.” This video features songs from Tyrese’s “Black Rose” album which was released last summer. You can purchase it here. We all know Tyrese is very adamant about supporting real R&B music and we do need to continue to do that. Tyrese uses three songs “Can’t Break Me” featuring Bozeman, “Waiting on You,” and the Tank duo “Prior to You.” “If you’ve seen the movie The Notebook,”  “You’re seeing that I grabbed elements of The Notebook and turned it into “The Blackbook” stated Tyrese.  Great job Mr. Gibson! In deed it deserves ★★★★★/5 stars.

Check it out below. Thoughts?

THE BLACK BOOK (Starring Tyrese Gibson and V. Bozeman) from Voltron Pictures on Vimeo.

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