Valentine’s Day Variety

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February 14, 2018 is quickly approaching, do you have your roses and teddy bears for your Bae?
I know it’s really frustrating and some people actually don’t celebrate the holiday believing that it is manmade. I even heard “That’s for girls”. I don’t necessarily agree. Although everyday should be Valentine’s for the love in your life, I think the day should still be sweet. But why make it all about the women? Guys like gifts too. Even if it’s something small, a nice warm pair of socks, yours or his favorite cologne, and a nice watch would make the most nonbelieving man happy. It’s the thought that counts, right? I, for one am looking forward to all of the marriage proposals and November babies being born! I thought it would be cute to give you guys and gurrahs some ideas on how to make your Valentine’s Day one to remember.

For those of you that are on a budget (Like me LOL)

Boo and I work alot and when we aren’t at work we have his kid, so it’s very seldom that we get some alone time. We try our best to go out and really enjoy being a young couple in love. But, bills. So I thought of the cute idea to relish in my childhood memories. Spend the night on the living room floor or couch. Set up a cute fort adorned with pillows and covers everywhere. Find the funniest movie that you two love, I can always count on the Kings or Queens of Comedy to give me what I need, and live your best life. If your 21+ , don’t hesistate to grab a 2 for 5 deal on wine from Walmart and kick back.Just being in each others presence,cuddling and laughing will make your Valentine’s Day an adventure.

For my singles who didn’t get to meet that special someone before hand

I find that places like Starbucks and certain restaurants or clubs host cute events like Speed Dating and Karoake to celebrate and keep it fun! Don’t forget to buy yourself something! Oh and don’t be sad that you don’t have a Valentine this year. Those of us that do have one are probably sick of the one we have! We love them though. Big smile. Fellas, women love candy, flowers and those HUGE teddy bears! Just sayin’

When I was younger and wasn’t allowed to talk to boys, let alone have a boyfriend, my dad used to buy me little cards, bears and candy and bring it home for me. It was the sweetest gesture. So fathers be sure to spoil your little ladies and let them know that you love them just as much on this day as you do any other! Mothers I would have to say take your sons to their favorite place and show them how full of love they should always be with or without a partner to celebrate with. Be sure to teach them the laws of chilvary. Opening and closing doors, pulling out chairs, making sure that their date walks on the inside of the street, and that holding hands is as romantic as it gets! Absolutely nothing wrong it. This will be me and Boo’s first Valentine’s Day as a couple so I’m interested to see how he shows out.

Be sure to send me pictures or tag me in your V-Day photos at @TheStorieStone on Twitter and @TheStorieStone_ on IG

We’ll chat.

With Love,

Storie Stone

The Storie Will Be Televised

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